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the reasonable me

More information will be added to my homepage soon. In the meantime, listen to my greeting with your RealAudio Player. Email me to let me know that you've come by and come back soon for more. Thanks.

Words from the otherwise:

No man treats a motorcar as foolishly as he treats another human being. When the car will not go, he does not attribute its annoying behavior to sin; he does not say, "You are a wicked motorcar, and I shall not give you any more petrol until you go." He attempts to find out what is wrong and set it right. An analogous way of treating human beings is, however, considered to be contrary to the truths of holy religion. And this applies even in the treatment of little children. Many children have bad habits which are perpetuated by punishment but will probably pass away of themselves if left unnoticed. Nevertheless, nurses, with very few exceptions, consider it right to inflict punishment, although by doing so they run the risk of causing insanity. When insanity has been caused it is cited in courts of law as proof of the harmfulness of the habit, not of the punishment. -- Bertrand Russell, Has Religion Made Useful Contributions to Civilization? (1930)