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Photographs of Emerson Cook

A month ago, I wouldn't have guessed how long it can take a new family to get around to taking pictures. Well, I get it now, but I'm still dedicated to taking as many photos of our wonderful new son Emerson as possible. Come back every now and then and you should find some new images of the boy and his exhausted but happy parents.


  • Early Emerson Just before and after his birth

  • Emerson in the family cradle just after coming home for the first time

  • Still Little, But Much Wiser -- Not quite a week old

  • One Week Old (and only a succession of small disasters yet)

  • Emerson at Two Weeks Old - including his first bath!

  • Emerson in Late January and Early February

  • Emerson in Mid-to-Late February, googly eyes

  • Emerson in March, getting a serious case of the smiles

  • Emerson in late April, an increasingly contemplative (and wiggly) child

  • Emerson in October, getting ready for winter

  • NEW!Emerson on Halloween, with clean sweater and jack o'lantern